Growth in real India is for real now.

Emerging economies are providing the growth to the world GDP than the developed ones is a fact known to all. In fact it’s the emerging markets who miraculously helped the recovery of the world economy. Ditto is true to India, while urban markets are saturated like the developed ones its the rural markets which have become the growth engines in manyContinue reading “Growth in real India is for real now.”

Why do people pay more?

This day and age even brands have become commodities, middle class invasion from the BRIC nations especially  China and India forced the world to give cheep and best products. This lead to a discount warfare, literally eroding margins. Holding on to margins and costumer’s loyalty had become the new change. The more you discount your brand the more margins gets eroded along withContinue reading “Why do people pay more?”

Why Piyush Pandey is the greatest Indian Ad-man ever?

Piyush Pandey was recently been conferred AAAI lifetime achievement award, an honor usually reserved for retirees. Piyush is still a practicing creative person in short a working legend. He is Indian advertising’s greatest, I will place him above Subhas Ghosal, Alyque Padamsee and Mohammed Khan for simple reasons: he single-handedly changed the target audience from elite British Indians to middle class heartland bharatvasi’s. AndContinue reading “Why Piyush Pandey is the greatest Indian Ad-man ever?”

Martin Scorsese Directs New Chanel Cologne Ad

Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese lends his talents to Chanel to create a commercial for their new men’s cologne, Bleu de Chanel. Following the classic Scorsese model, a rebellious young actor, played by French actor Gaspard Ulliel (of ‘Hannibal Rising’), refuses to conform to expectations and falls in love with a woman who fuels his workContinue reading “Martin Scorsese Directs New Chanel Cologne Ad”

“Creativity has the power to transform human behavior.”

This is the new belief of Leo Burnett worldwide. We pride ourselves as a “HumanKind” agency, because we recognize the business of brands starts and ends with people. It is only when you look at a problem through human lens you’ll find an answer which makes sense to human beings. Its amazing when you put people inContinue reading ““Creativity has the power to transform human behavior.””