Martin Scorsese Directs New Chanel Cologne Ad

Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese lends his talents to Chanel to create a commercial for their new men’s cologne, Bleu de Chanel.

Following the classic Scorsese model, a rebellious young actor, played by French actor Gaspard Ulliel (of ‘Hannibal Rising’), refuses to conform to expectations and falls in love with a woman who fuels his work with passion and turmoil.

All that’s missing is the famous Copacabana Nightclub sequence from ‘Goodfellas,’ along with much of his signature violence, though we guess that wouldn’t be appropriate for a cologne ad. Watch It:

Scorsese’s Bleu de Chanel commercial is the latest example of the fashion world tapping famous names to direct their commercials — or “short films,” as the companies have begun calling them. Gucci recently released a preview of the 3-D ad for their new fragrance Gucci Guilty starring Evan Rachel Wood and directed by Frank Miller of ‘Sin City’ fame. The full “film” will make its debut on the MTV Video Music Awards on September 12.

Louis Vuitton tapped director Zoé Cassavetes for a short called ‘Hide and Seek,’ for which she took Vuitton’s summer designs on a romp through London. And Sofia Coppola directed an ad for Dior’s fragrance Miss Dior Cherie, and is rumored to have recently shot yet another for the luxury fashion house with Natalie Portman, a company spokesmodel.

Interestingly, this isn’t Scorsese’s first short: He shot Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ video in 1987; the full-length clip runs 16 minutes, but was edited down substantially for television.

Considering that he’s directed 17 actors to Oscar-nominated performances, a role in a Scorcese film is coveted in Hollywood, and Ulliel feels similarly. “Martin Scorsese is a director whom I’ve admired for a long time,” he says. “I see him as one of the great masters of contemporary filmmaking. Throughout the five days of work, he overflowed with energy and enthusiasm and achieved something that truly stands out from other fragrance commercials.”

source:By The Editors of StyleList

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