“Creativity has the power to transform human behavior.”

This is the new belief of Leo Burnett worldwide. We pride ourselves as a “HumanKind” agency, because we recognize the business of brands starts and ends with people. It is only when you look at a problem through human lens you’ll find an answer which makes sense to human beings. Its amazing when you put people in the centre of things you tend to find answers effortlessly. In this era of people, brands are hardly owned by the manufacturers or marketers hence how do you find a meaningful or purposeful place in peoples lives is a billion dollar question.

We are social animals, what binds us together are religion, nationality, language and shared values. Brands therefore propagating these values are likely to bond with people longterm than those who talk about transactional things.  Brand Tata is a classic example of upholding the values of Honesty, transparency and integrity which are ageless and are still relevant to the brand as they are to society.

HumanKind thinking recognizes the motives behing human behavior and try to tap them for brands. Its a very simple principle of juxtaposing humans and brands together, map the similarities and make people see them. As you can not make people change their behavior to force fit them into your scheme of things you need to understand people and find a purpose to your brand in their life.

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Founder.hypercollective. Best selling author of "30Second Thrillers" & social commentator

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