“5o die as a result of striking doctors and world’s largest democracy goes numb.”

Residents Doctors of PBM Hospital raise slogans during their strike in Bikaner on Tuesday. Photo: PTI

Shocking! If reports were to believed as of this minute over 50 patients died last 3 days due to striking doctors in western state of Rajasthan. And 1.2 billon strong Indian population has gone numb after handful of doctors held the nation to a ransom. If this is what is democracy than who wants it? How can any nation allow the emergency services to on strike? Who can assure public safety? Can paramedics/ fire/ rescue / army / police services be allowed to go on strike?

Of course everyone has a problem and a right to seek a solution. Can that be allowed to go to this extent of claiming innocent lives? Neither am I an activist nor an expert, my feet went numb when  I saw the news this evening on television. Only thing I could muster is some strength to write this blog.

I have faith in our democracy and government to take remedial action, but its too late for those who lost their lives. I can only extend my deepest condolences to the victims and strongest protest against the barbaric doctors who should have never opted for this profession.

This nation will take a long time to recover from this anesthesia.


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