“Famous brands make creatives famous.”

Young creative people often shy away from working on big brands, it is becoming extremely difficult to attract good talent to work on country’s biggest brands. The reason being: You have to work with-in a given box, younger ones wants the freedom to think freely and fit brands to their ideas than the other way round. The discipline of brief, research and listening to consumers/ people is too much of a bore these days to youngsters. I like the freshness and energy youth brings to the table but hate the indiscipline which tags along.

There are few reasons why young creatives should work on big brands:

  1. Piyush: Cadbury’s, Fevicol, Luna, SBI, Ponds, Asian Paints and Perfetti
  2. Balki: Pepsodent, Fair & Lovely, Surf, Idea and Bajaj
  3. Prasoon Joshi: Coca Cola, Perfetti-Happydent
  4. Agnello Dias: Rin, Thums Up, Nike, Sony, Indian Oil and Times of India
  5. Rajiv Rao: Hutch, Vodafone and Zoo zoo’s.
  6. Madhu Bhandari: Fair & Lovely, Pepsodent, J
  7. Priti Nair: Axe, Balbir Pasha, Clinic, Surf and Green Ply
  8. Ravi Deshpande : Cadbury’s, Shoppers Shop and Asian Paints
  9. Chax: Brooke Bond, J&J, Airtel, Docomo and Indian Oil
  10. Abhajit Awasti : Cadbury’s, ITC, Asian Paints, Limca, Sprite and Perfetti.

Imagine if these legends were not to work on the brands they worked. would they be as famous as they are today? Big brands give you big canvas and big bucks. What else you need to be famous?. All these humble creative people ( I have known all of them for several decades now) have given there lives and have sacrificed personal time to work on big brands and I guarantee you they have the same appetite even today.

It’s a wonderful feeling when you see the brands you worked on are the brands people love and you have a little part in making them lovable.

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14 thoughts on ““Famous brands make creatives famous.”

  1. pops this is so true about the youngsters…and thank you so much for putting me in that list…feels really realy good hearing it from you.thanks so much

    1. Pritiji it`s not correct to blame on youngsters.Youngsters are dreaming big and u also know ad is a business of dreams.

  2. Before this blog i just knew few of them be true first three..( thought i know the whole industry) so fool of me…Point noted down Sir thanxs..!!

  3. Before this blog i just knew few of them be true first three..( thought i know the whole industry) so fool of me…Point noted down thanxs..!!

  4. but the constraints help to maintain the output theme… They can think out of the box but keeping the theme maintained moreover sharpening n purifying the same theme gives the liberty of unboundednes within the box…. This is what i feer as being a youngster aged 25th yrs..

  5. Popular brands always providing big canvas for creative people.These peoples are doing unlogic expriments on these popular brands,Once a ad guru make a brand populare than brand co showing there faithness in the ad guru.Out of 10 ad compaign, only 2 are magically working 3 are average output and 5 are zero result oriented.Co has not dare to blame on ad agencies.When new youngesters coming in this field, these popular brands r not showing faith in them.

  6. Dear Pops,

    When every ad promises ‘instant nirvana’, its so funny that you are expecting ‘Buddhas’ : – )

  7. Few younsters down here are really trying and dieing hard to get there sir….The list above is different names of single god called an “ad guru” for me…. N this post is just to assure you that there are few youngsters who are desperate to make it…..take creativity to newer heights….!

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