Sameness syndrome.

Same to same. Ditto. Copy that. Identical similarity. Monotony. Repetition. Parity. Par. Oneness. At the least sameness have more than a dozen synonyms. Will you second that?

Sameness is a modern-day disease we all suffer from. Nearly 25 years back when I started to travel aboard, each airport, each city and its taxies, signage, people, architecture, food and currency every thing use to look, feel and smell different.

There was a visible difference between a Singapore and a Shanghai and a San Jose. London cabs to Kolkata trams to Mumbai taxies to Tokyo’s bullet trains, transport had it’s own identity in the culture of the cities.

Not long ago Paris, Zürich, Bangkok, Beijing and New Delhi were free of ugly-looking glass buildings. Today, if you take a drive on the freeways of Gurgaon, New Delhi, it feels like you are driving in the downtown of San Jose. The Hyderabad, New Delhi and Beijing airports look identical all built recently.

This sameness is every where, 50 years ago there was only one denim brand called Levi’s which sported, five pockets with rivets today there are close to 100,000 brands. We all look the same, talk the same, wear the same, smell the same even feel the same in this mass production \consumption\ pirated \ keep up with Jones \ unison era.

Not just brand identities and product designs even cities, cultures and values are been cloned today.

“ Sameness is the mother of disgust, variety the cure”

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2 thoughts on “Sameness syndrome.

  1. Hi Pops,
    I agree with you to some extent on this. But as usual, I have a contrarian point of view.
    Sameness is nice sometimes, its more efficient. If all McDonald’s stores made different burgers or all PCs had different ins and outs, where would we be.
    If people refused to talk in the same language or deal with similar kind of monetary transactions what would happen to the world as we know would collapse.

    I agree from an aesthetic point of view and from a life point of view sameness is monotony and monotony is death..

    But does it justify change for change’s sake?

  2. So true sir.
    Sameness is so boring !
    Can we say this …
    Sameness is the mother of disgust who gives birth to innovation.
    I mean people innovate ..just not to be same..just to be different than what is existing!

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