6 thoughts on “Creative-Planning nexus.

  1. Sir, i think like creativity is not limited only in the creative department, general planning is not restricted to any department..
    To an extent, advertising is, in my knowledge, applied general knowledge..one just needs to remove the jargons..

    1. While its true that everyone is creative. the specific qualification for a planner is to mine insights for this he or she has to spend time with people understand their current behavior toward a particular category or product and help remove barriers to change behavior. Sometime it may just sound like common sense but they have to do it day in and day out.

  2. Sir,
    Necessity is the mother of invention, Invention is like creativity and to get this invention we do planning. Like a little child who analyze the mothers behavior and very soon he/she comes to know how they can mold their mother. But still there is bitter truth is that Childs are also very selfish because they listen to only those who gives them for eat.

  3. Pops, boss this is an outstanding piece on the nexus. There is a lot that planners bring to party, can bring to party, provided the creative guys don’t throw them around. In these days of consumer generated media, it is even more critical
    Here’s to creative Guru from a humble planner!

  4. Sir,
    You couldn’t have put it in simpler terms!
    As advertising is essentially about delivering a message to a particular TG; the whole purpose of the message would be lost due to lack of insights on that TG.
    In my opinion, the planning team ideally needs to be one of the primary functions of an agency.
    But like you said, they are a dying breed….


  5. Planners provide the “what to say” and Creatives manage “How to say it”. In a utopian world this marriage should be a happy one. In reality they are reduced to preparing the “preamble” to the creative presentations. Would it be preposterous to suggest that, maybe, the planners’ rightful place is in the client organization? At least the agencies will get focussed briefs and would not waste their time second guessing the client. Also, to overrule the planner’s intuition and insights, the creatives would require to build a stronger argument rather than merely outsell someone on the same side…

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