The most inspiring idea to decongest Mumbai put in a most inspiring way by Nitesh Tiwari. And to the driving force behind the idea NandiniDais

Inspired by her Secretary’s death during a rush hour railway bridge collapse of a suburban local station in Parel, a moved Nandini hated to sit idle doing nothing about the root cause “the daily muster” people do anything even risk their life to be on time to work. The committed Mumbaikar can beat any six sigma’s of the world as Mumbai Dabbawalas proved.

Nandini spotted the root cause of the local mania and a resolute Dias went on a mission to move the corporate and Babus alike to change to a flexi work time.

All citizens of including celebrities are coming forward to support. I certainly endorse and we work 2days a week from home and clock flexi hours.

After all we all work to live and some live to work.

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