K V Sridhar aka kvpops


K V Sridhar aka kvpops

National Creative Director

Leo Burnett India

From humble beginnings as a bollywood film billboard painter to

the National Creative Director of Leo Burnett India, Pops has seen it all

and today is widely respected as a creative leader in the Indian Ad-world.

Under his creative leadership, Leo Burnett India went on to win

agency of the year in the Leo Burnett global network, twice.

Continuing the Agency’s superb show at the Cannes the agency

has won 12 lions, in the past three years. While over the decade,

the Indian office has done splendidly by wining over 400 awards

at major award shows including the Cannes, One Show, D&AD and Clio.

He’s credited with the emergence of Leo Burnett as

a creative powerhouse in India. Creativity magazine ranks Leo Burnett India

among top 20 creative agencies in the world. He’s been on many

Indian & International award juries. In July last year,

Pops was honoured with the New York Festivals Creative Achievement Award.

17 thoughts on “K V Sridhar aka kvpops

  1. Hello Sir,

    Can I have your email ID please? I wanted to write to you about an event and something that is taking place for the first time in India.

  2. Dear Pops
    Can I get a chance to meet you. I am in Delhi and if you say I can come to Mumbai for a day after 5th June. Because I getting my partner on 29th.

      1. Sure Pops, my pleasure. Definitely will mail you around 5th June in this regards. Thanks a lot.

      2. Dear Pops

        Hope you are back from your travelling. May I please request you for the chance?



  3. Pain of a small agency creative guy

    We, the poor cousins of Indian Advertising can never benefit from the services of a placement agency or a job site. Because based on our past brands and work we hardly get an interview call from big agencies.

    Our only hope is the mail-in opportunity. But it also works once in a blue moon. That also if you are lucky enough. It has worked for me once in the last 1.25 yrs.

    We are over the moon till the day we are to meet the living legends of Indian advertising. We forget the pain and patience. We forget that, we have resigned from our good, if not high paying jobs and our bank balance is also nearing finish line. We forget that we have a couple of EMIs to pay every month…

    But it almost kills us when the dream ends abruptly after a meeting and exchange of few mails.

    After the dream turns into a nightmare most of the guys give in. But some die-hards like me get even more confident.

    A kind suggestion:

    Why don’t you guys come up with a special hiring programme for ‘small agency creative guys’ just like you have for the freshers.

    I am sure the programme will be a huge success. Because there are thousands of Tendulkars waiting for that elusive chance.

    Who says Indian advertising industry is loosing creative people to other avenues and there is a dearth of creative people.

    A polite request:

    Give me a brand to work on for a few months and then decide my fate. After all LB is an equal opportunity employer.

    How can you judge a small agency guy only on his past creative work that can hardly impress guys like you. Is the passion for the craft of no value when it comes to give someone a chance.

    After all, what counts is what you want and can do today and in the future and not what you have done in the past.



  4. Hi Pops,
    The art team had an apparel company with whom I work is interested in working with one of the images you have posted on your blog. I would very much like to discuss with you as soon as possible and will seek other ways of contacting you.

    Thank you very much for yor help!!


  5. Pops really thank you for all your guidance and inspirational seminar at our college @DGMC. would surely like to work with you sir as i too dream to be a designer. sir if possible may i have your email ID?

  6. Pops, can you please share your email id? I wanted to invite you to our college (IMT Ghaziabad) for an interactive session with Sales & Marketing B-School students. The exciting tale of your achievements, emotional conundrums and the communications to reach out to the hearts of the masses will inspire the students of IMT Ghaziabad.

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